Dear Customer,
This customer service charter sets out our commitment to you to achieve a high quality service and to ensure that such service is customer-focused, customer-friendly and efficient. Inishbofin Island Discovery Ltd. recognises the importance of its customers and will endeavor to provide a high quality service for them.
-Pat Concannon Inishbofin Island Discovery Ltd.

Fares and Timetable

  • A timetable is published on our company’s website at www. and also available to see on our boat.
  • A list of fees is available on our website www. and also available to see on our boat.
  • A ticket is given to every passenger on board.
  • Tickets can be ordered on our website or by ringing our office.

Safe, Reliable & Punctual Service

We will do our best to:

  • Give first priority to your safety at all times
  • Maintain a high standard of safety
  • Adhere to the service timetable
  • Maintain a high standard of cleanliness
  • Ensure extra services are available on demand
  • Inform the island representatives of any change of timetable promptly
  • Ensure enough qualified crew in rescue and first aid are available to tend to passengers
  • Do everything we can to ensure that the disabled have a comfortable and safe trip

Your Help and Cooperation

To provide the best possible service for you, we would appreciate your help and cooperation with the following:

  • Be at the departing point half an hour before sailing time
  • Obey the instructions of the captain’s crew
  • For safety reasons, walk, don’t run
  • Children should be kept under adult supervision at all times
  • Don’t leave rubbish behind you
  • Use the handrails when boarding and alighting the vessel
  • No animals to be kept in passenger lounge
  • Persons under the influence of alcohol will not be permitted to travel on the ferry

Making a complaint or recommendation

We will make every effort to solve and difficulty that arises. However, if you have a complaint, please phone Pat Concannon on 086 8359920, by email — or at the above address. It is the aim of the Inishbofin Island Dsicovery Ltd. to deal with every complaint sensibly and reasonably within four weeks and tto improve our practices as a result of any recommendation given by a customer.
We welcome you opinions at all times on improving our service

Consultation with our customers

We will arrange meetings with the island representatives twice yearly to discuss issues relating to our service with them.


We will provide a certain level of bilingual (English and Irish) service to our customers.


Our crew will make every effort to help our passengers with their personal luggage, however passengers will be responsible for their luggage at all times when loading, on board the vessel and unloading.

This charter does not affect the legal rights or obligations of customers.


If you have any further questions you can contact us by either phone or email.

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No visit to Connemara is complete without a visit to Inishbofin Island, one of the most westerly Islands off the Irish Coastline.

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